Friday, December 2, 2011

Preparations for a party of six

Getting ready for a new crazy quilting Round Robin that will start in January.
This time it will be a tone on tone, Do Your Own Block type RR - each of the six ladies in the group makes six 15x15cm crazy quilt blocks and sends them on to the next person, who picks one out, fully embellishes it and then sends all the blocks on to the next person, who again chooses one block to work on and so on. When the blocks arrive back home, five of them will be embellished and one will be left for the owner to embellish.

I've had this small piece of pretty silk satin in my favorite colors for a while now and it kept falling into my hands whenever I was going through my fabrics, so here's her chance to shine in the center of the blocks:

Its true color is best captured in the photo below:

Now I am contemplating whether to make

three purple and three green blocks,
 or three pink and three green blocks,
 or three pink and three purple blocks, 
or two pink, two purple and two green blocks...

What do you think? Will you help me decide? I would love to read your opinions!


NinaAlekc said...

Very nice selection! I think we should make two pink, two purple and two green blocks. Green is so beautiful and complements shades of any color. (... I am using a translator))))

MosaicMagpie said...

The fabrics are beautiful. The layout would dictate to me what combination I would choose. A table runner with a 6 x 1 layout you could alternate. If it is a wall hanging then, I vote for using all the 3 colors 2 of each. Or use only pink and purple and do a sashing of green. Now I see why you are in a dilema, it is a difficult decision!
Sorry I am no help at all.
When you say Tone on Tone does that mean you will be embellishing with the block color?

Ati. said...

I think I would make 3 pink blocks and 3 green blocks. And use the purple in the shashings or the border.
Good luck :)
The fabrics are all beautiful!

Lee Albrecht said...

que dúvida??
Acho que
pink + purle = suave, delicado
pink + purle + green = moderno, contemporâneo, ousado.
Um grande beijo e um lindo trabalho em 2012!

Darlene said...

I love all your colors so much, I would use all of them, but my second choice would be green and purple. Keep us posted what you decide.

Nicki Lee said...

Oh my! Both sets are gorgeous - I think I would go with using the second set as the darker colors make the focal fabric pop even more.... love every piece! Whatever you decide to use is sure going to be pretty!

Marjolein said...

All the colors go well with the flower fabric, so I would say: two of each.

Cathy K said...

What a lovely inspiration fabric. I don’t think you can go wrong no matter which set of colors you choose. For myself, I would use all the colors, but emphasize the pink and green more, with hints of purple.

But of course, it must be YOUR decision. I think that as you cut of the focus fabric to begin piecing, it will probably tell you what it wants! :-)

Cat the cousin! :-)

Gerry Krueger said...

Of course I have an opinion... absolutely the 3 and 3 of the purple and pink.... You must love this fabric BECAUSE of the pink and purple flowers so the pink and purple will make it all sing in harmony... Then stitchers may use some bits of green in their seams... Now (also of course) you must use what speaks to you!!
Gerry K.

Momma Bear said...

mix it up!
those colors will be stunning mingling with each other!
but of course I am all colors all the time girl! ;)
god forbid I should have to choose just one!

Flora in Bothell

Bernadett said...

Gyonyoru szinek.:)Finom anyagok.:)Es a holgy is nagyon szep.:)Gratula.:)Puszik nektek.:)

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