Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabulous First Timers no.17

This month it was the turn of Jocelyne's block for me to work on in the Fabulous First Timers Round Robin I am participating in with CQI. I was the third to work on it after Marianne and Michele.
This is what it looked like when I opened the envelope:

I had a vintage flower broach that I have taken apart and it had the perfect color velvet flower for this block, so on it went to the purple patch on the left, accompanied by a pearl and beads and Portuguese Stem Stitched veins and Raised Fishbone stitch leaves:

Then I broadened the frame stitched by Marianne around the center print by adding some lace and a few beads:

The second patch calling me was the striped one on the bottom right, so I filled it (and the small orange patch next to it) with curly veins wrapped with silk ribbon and a sprinkle of light purple ribbon roses and bead flowers:

One tiny seam treatment on the top center:

And this is what Jocelyne's block looks like before going back into the envelope:

Now on with the Reticello sampler...

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

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