Friday, February 1, 2013

Wood Turning and SRE

... have nothing in common, one might say. But when a wood turner and a needleworker (or whatever I should be calling myself) put their heads together, many things can happen. And I mean good things :)

József and I have never met in person, but we got acquainted with each other's work on Facebook, in the "Hungarian Craftsmen in Romania" group. It was about the same time that we both thought that we should try and combine our efforts and create something together, so we started discussing details and exchanging sketches... We even had a "dress rehearsal" - a little photo manipulation with one of my embroideries cropped and fit into his wooden frames.

And that was a GO. For the first part of our teamwork József sent me some of his wooden frames for jewelry and I sent him the embroidered parts for a couple of earrings, to see what really happens.
Here are the earrings finished by József:

Not too bad for a first try, is it? :)

I am still waiting for my turn to play with the wooden frames, but I do have to finish another commission first...

As for the second part of this cooperation, there's still some painting and polishing and designing to be done, so if you don't mind, I'd rather keep it a secret for now.

Have fun creating, Everyone!


Lee Albrecht said...

Tenho certeza que eles vão ficar lindos! Eu adoro o trabalho feito em madeira pelos artesãos da Letônia, Estonia e Lituania.... tenho certeza que será um sucesso!

Melanie said...

These are lovely. I too am a stitcher and my husband is a Woodturner so we often have conversations about how we can combine our crafts. We are going to make some pincushions and when we have I will post some photos on my blog.

Anne said...

Very beautiful pieces you've done and show on your blog I am follower now, and will check it out tomorrow, as it's very late her! night night. :)

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