Friday, January 18, 2013

Something old and something new

"Old" designs, new colors and experimenting different backgrounds.

This pink rose on green background is Sara's favorite :)

And since I mentioned her, here she is, "helping" me out in the studio last week, during school break:

"Mom, isn't life beautiful when we have so much gorgeous lace like this?!"

Again, we had a blast working together!

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!


Lee Albrecht said...

Sim, a vida é bela quando temos rendas, linhas e agulhas. beijo em Sara e um abraço em voce!

Gaby Erika said...

Mind mind nagyon szép! Sárának pedig nagyon jó ízlése van. :) Gratulálok igazán szép kollekció!

Cathy K said...

You Do have a very nice collection of lace. And I believe that all your photos are lovely as well, Sarah has very good taste, as Erika said! Hugs, Cathy

gracie said...

Lovely lovely and she is cute!

Kaszás Ildikó said...

Fantasztikus szépségek !!!
De ez a csöppség nagyon tünemény !!!
A Te leányod ????

Becca-Lou Creates said...

This is my first visit to your blog, love your pendants they are beautiful

Tatkis said...

They all are so beautiful! My favourite is pink roses on seagreen :)


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