Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finishing The Hardanger Ornaments - Part 2

In my previous post I have shown you how I cut out my hardanger ornaments, let's now continue with the lining and sewing the ornament together:

I love using satin to line hardanger pillows and ornaments for the way it shines through and emphasizes the woven parts. And red satin for Christmas tree ornaments is just perfect, don't you think? I also pull the stitches of my Algerian eyelets so tight for the red to shine through those, too.

The two sides of the ornament have been embroidered and cut out. If needed, even washed and ironed, face down, between two white towels.

For the lining I cut two pieces of red satin, two pieces of Vliesofix fusible paperback web and one piece of batting. Well, not exactly batting as you know it: I am using a piece of a white floor cleaning cloth, no laughing, please, it perfectly serves the purpose and it is new, of course.

To make the lining sandwich, I iron the Vliesofix pieces to the backs of the satin pieces, remove the paper backs and then iron the satin pieces to both sides of the "batting".

Then, I make a pattern to cut my lining sandwich into the shape of the hardanger pieces. I put one of them on a piece of paper and with a pencil I make markings through every Algerian eyelet and also trace lightly around the shape. I usually do this with a mechanical pencil to keep the embroidery clean.

 Then, guided by the traced outline and the hole marks, I trace my pattern about 2-3 mm away from the hole marks. For each ornament I leave one set of holes free, with no lining under it, because that will be the hole where the ribbon will go.

I cut out my pattern and place it over the hardanger piece, to make sure that it covers all the Algerian eyelets (except the one left for the ribbon) but it isn't going over the bottom half of the buttonhole stitches, either. If necessary, I adjust the pattern.

Then, using the pattern I cut the lining sandwich into shape,

and check the size again. I place the lining on the back of one of the hardanger pieces, 

and than place the other hardanger piece on top, face up, of course. I make sure that all three layers are in place, hold them together

and whip stitch the hardanger pieces together by going through the corresponding loops of every buttonhole stitch with DMC perlé no.12.

Mission accomplished:

To finish, I pull some red ribbon through the holes I have left without lining, tie a bow and my ornament is ready for Christmas, or any other occasion :)

I really hope that you have enjoyed the Hardanger Christmas Ornaments series and that you have found this tutorial helpful.


Marjolein said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial.

Lee Albrecht said...

Annamaria, obrigado por tão belo tutorial. Voce sempre ensinando as mulheres pelo mundo a melhorar seus bordados!
Obrigado por divulgar seu belo trabalho e ajudar a regatar o bordado com arte e perfeição pelo mundo.
Receba meu carinhoso abraço.

Leki-Rita said...

Nagyon-nagyon szépen köszönöm!!!

Palkó said...

Köszi a mintákat és az útmutatót is!

Lila said...

So nice and so simple :) Whip-stitching 2 buttonholes together is a great idea. =) Thank you! Will try this winter.

margom said...

Köszönjük a segítséget!

Isabel Nemet said...

Muchisimas gracias!!!
yo tambien uso las telas que tengo a mano :) !


Mary Joan said...

Thank you so much. You make it sound so easy. I will have to have ago.

Maria Filomena said...


Muito obrigada por essa excelente aula...
onde o acabamento ficou impecável...

abraços de MF


Vă mulțumesc pentru această clasă excelent ...
în cazul în care a fost finisaj perfect ...

Hugs MF

Wendy said...

another fabulous tutorial, thanks so much!

nikulj said...

My first work with your Christmas design, I begin the following

IrLik said...

Fantastic job! Very beautiful Christmas decoration!

unikat said...

Ó, de aranyos vagy!
Nagyon köszönöm!

Jennifer said...

I am french, my name is Jennifer, 22 years old and cross stitcher ^^
I have just discovered your very beautiful blog, and..wooooww !! Really beautiful projects and creations.. So much thanks for the free patterns... I would love to make one for christmas...not sure to save the time for.. I have got a baby ^^ !! So may be for next christmas !!
It is SO beautiful : I have to make them some days or another !
SO, thank you again for patterns & tuto !!!!!
Kind regards
and see you soon !!


Francesca said...

fai dei lavori fantastici

Anonymous said...

trop joli!

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