Thursday, November 22, 2012

All Together - Ornaments in Progress

In an attempt to save my hardanger fabric, I am working on the entire set of Christmas ornaments at the same time, finding a place for all of them and then some, on a strip of fabric that was left from another project.

The snowflake, stocking, no.4 and a smaller heart are already in place, while the heart, bell and maybe even a little angel, are still to be added. Just stopped to work on the Algerian eyelets, to break the monotony a little bit.

It does take longer to finish them this way, but when they are finished...

they are all finished at the same time :)

Wishing Everyone a happy day,


Alicja said...

chön und Süß--wunderbar.)

Nicola said...

Thats a great idea.

Lee Albrecht said...

Tenho certeza que serão enfeites adoraveis!

Maria Filomena said...

Annamaria, pelo que se vê, ficarão lindíssimos!!!!!

abraços de MF

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

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