Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Little Hands

Remember this photo? It was taken about two years ago... happy little hands, making their first stitches on my Lady of the Mist.

It is one of the photos that my dear friend, Lee Albrecht used for the sewing box she surprised me with for Mothers' Day a year ago.

Little hands are growing soooo fast, they are "big girl's hands" now,

and they made me this beautiful bracelet for Mothers' Day this year:

The most precious piece of jewelry I have ever had! :)

(except I'm not allowed to wear it:
"You might ruin it, and I won't make you one every day, you know"...
How about that?!)

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


gracie said...

What a treasure the box will remain. She sounds too cute...and the bracelet is another treasure.

Lee Albrecht said...

Lindo bracelete... lindas mãos trabalhando...desde pequena... com certeza quando crescer... será uma linda mulher! Com sentimentos puros e amaveis.
um grande abraço as duas mãe e filha!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a darling little one! The next thing you know she'll be off to college.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a treasure! That bracelet holds so much love between each of those beads. The sad truth is she spoke the truth when she said she won't be making you one every day. Those sweet gifts they create for us grow more precious with the passing years. You have been blessed my dear friend with more than a bracelet....you have a loving child and that is the greatest gift.

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