Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going Crazy

It's official: I am hooked. Addicted. Madly in love. You name it... Crazy quilting got under my skin, into my heart and mind and soul.
Ok, I read everything I could find about it, a spent long hours researching the web, reading blogs, got excited, then overwhelmed, amazed by all the gorgeous things I found and learned, by the endless possibilities... 
By the time I realized what kind of stash I needed if I wanted to really crazy quilt, the "damage" was done, there was no way back, so I started building one. I already had lots of cotton embroidery floss, perle cottons, a few trims and charms and beads, even some silk ribbon. (Could it be that on some subconscious level I was preparing for this craziness?) What I needed were fancy fabrics: silks, taffetas, laces... Even went through my wardrobe :D (Watch for your clothes and other fabrics, by the way, I may be wandering about with scissors in my hands) Oh, well, that's how crazy crazy quilting has gotten me...

Having a few projects in mind, I spent the morning organizing my new fabrics, and as modest as my collection is at this time, it was soooo much fun and soooo inspiring, that I simply had to take some pictures:

The laces and trims are next in line to be organized, but that's a story for another day.

(Is it even legal to have so much fun?)

1 comment:

Lee Albrecht said...

fico muito contente com a sua determinação e seu crescimento constante... sempre estudando, pesquisando e executando.
tenho certeza que irá sair trabalhos maravilhosos desses tecidos.
Um grande e carinhoso beijo

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