Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Coming back after a long, way too long summer break, I would like to celebrate with another giveaway. Will you join me for a little game?

A couple of weeks ago my husband took me along on one of his business trips, to spend a weekend in Prague, just us two. I was only too happy to go and we had a great time discovering the wonderful city of Prague!
Now, you may be wondering what Prague has to do with the giveaway. Well, here's one of the photos my husband took while walking the streets of Prague:

It is little old me, smiling at someone... Can you guess who? I'll even give you three choices:

A.  My darling husband

B.  James Dean

C.  Brad Pitt

On October 4th, at noon, CET, I will be drawing a name from all those who left a comment on this post, answering with A, B or C to my question, to win my Ivory Rose pendant:

And I will also draw another name, from all those who guessed the right answer, to win  my Rose Garden Moment pendant:

So, to win either one, or even both of these pendants, all you have to do is look into my eyes, check out my smile and answer my question, choosing one of the three answers.

Please make sure that your comment links back to an active e-mail address.

Have fun and good luck to all who will play this little game with me!


kal32 said...

Wll, it's hard to choose, but.. I think the answer is A :) Cheers from Poland :)


Patty C. said...

Oh - i think it must have been "A" your darling husband!
Your pendants are gorgeous! Lovely giveaway & a beautifil smile ;)

Bernadett said...


Csodas lehetett.:)
Of course your darling husband!:)
Tehat A.
Szeretnek egy ilyen csodas medalt toled.:)

Minden jot.:)

Veronica said...

Definitely A ^.^ That sweet smile couldn't be for anyone else other than your darling husband :)

Beautiful pendants. Thank you for the chance to win them.


Shirlee Fassell said...

I think you were smiling at Brad Pitt!! Good to have you back you were missed!!!

Zora said...

Ohh, this is a hard one, but I think the right answer is A :), your DH. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beauties!
Hugs from Hungary, Zora

Martina said...

Oh thanks for the fun! Perhaps you smiled at James Dean on a big Picture?
Love your beauties!

Listochek said...

I think ,answer -"A",but could be others to;) Pendants are gorgeous!
Antonina .

Heather M. said...

I think it was (A), your husband. Your pendants are gorgeous.

Barbara said...

I also believe it is A, why would he take a picture of you smiling at someone else?

Lee Albrecht said...

Fico muito feliz de ver voce sorrindo! Uma viagem inesquecível... tenho certeza que a letra "A" é a vencedora!
Um dia de sol... em um verão de Praga... e muitas alegrias.
Que a sua semana seja abençoada!

Maneki said...

Ooh, I'd just love a chance to win one of your beautiful pendants! Thanks for the opportunity.

My answer would be A.

Svetta said...

Это может быть только ваш милый муж - "А"

Joanna said...

I have a positive, romantic nature and will go with A for your husband. Your pendants have a romantic look, too, so I think that's the right answer.

Katrina said...

It must be A :)

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Mosaic Magpie said...

From the pretty smile, I am thinking it better be A......but B and C would be pretty nice to smile at too! Nice photo, happy you had a bit of fun time with your hubbie!

FredaB said...

Who else would you be smiling at that prettily but answer A - your loving husband.

I admire the beatiful work you do.



Wendy said...

I think it was your husband!

inga said...

Remélem a férjed volt és ezzel a válasszal nyerem meg azt a gyönyörű láncot!:)

lapappilon said...

óóóóóóóóóó! mesés nyakékek!
én is reménykedem hogy A a helyes válasz, ámbár a másik kettő név is csábító :-)

minden jót


OlenkaFotiou said...

Hi! How are you?
You have a very nice and mysterious "Giveaway" :-)
My answer is... "A" !!!
Love is love : you have a nice husband who showed you the Prague - amazingly and beautiful city.
My dream is also to take a walk on the streets of Prague with my husband and little sonny :-)
Best wishes from Greece, Olga
Link on the right panel of the blog: http://fotiouolga-olga.blogspot.gr/

Judesign(by Judd25) said...

I would like to be the lucky winner:) The answer is : "A".
Hugs from Szombathely,

Jennifer said...

You're a beautiful woman, making beautiful projects !!!

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